230327 - Antique 18th cent Ethiopian coptic Manuscript in back - Ethiopia.


ANTIQUE Ethiopian Geez coptic manuscript with 2 paintings in amulet.

This is a very rare antique Ethiopian Coptic Christian handwritten Bible manuscript that comes in a leather bag that was worn around the neck.

This manuscript measures 10 cm by 8 cm. This Bible has two hand-carved wooden covers on the front and back through which very fine holes have been drilled and strung with twine that goes through all the pages to make a very simple yet effective binding.

The wooden covers come in a hand-stitched leather case to keep this bible safe while traveling, which is made especially for this bible. This leather cover has a wide eye at the top through which a leather cord was attached so that it could be worn around the neck. The leather bag has been cut in half to view the contents.

The pages are made of goat leather called vellum, which has an amazing parchment-like texture. The writing is in black and red paint or ink (red is usually reserved for the names of God, saints and the holy family) made from plant juices and is in Ethiopic (Ge'ez), a language no longer used today, except by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church for religious purposes. 

Ge'ez, the country's earliest language, is sometimes referred to as the "Latin of Ethiopia" and is used only in the liturgy of the Ethiopian Church today.

See 'Ethiopian Magic Scrolls' by Jacques Mercier and 'The coinage of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia' by Dennis Gill for more information. Very sturdy and in good, although slightly worn condition from past use by previous owner.

This manuscript has 46 pages with 2 hand paintings.