230418 - Large - (58 cm) Ethiopian Coptic procession Cross - Ethiopia


Large Ethiopia Coptic Procession Cross from the orthodox coptic Church.

This large cross measures approximately  58 cm high and 40 cm wide, right side is missing a small piece.

Material: an aloy of silver, copper and nickel. 

For the ethiopian church the cross is not only a symbol for Christi suffering and death, is more importantly still its meaning than indications of the resurrection.This Cross belongs to the group of processional crosses which accompanies each procession of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. It has a hollow shaft for mounting on a wooden handle, so that it can be carried above the heads of people in processions and religous ceremonies. The two lower arms are made for the hanging of the cloth which accompanies the Cross when it is carried by the deacons. The cloth reminds on Christ's dresses. The Cross is handcrafted by the lost-wax method, so that it is unique.