230435 - Terracotta Djenne kneeling statue - Mali


Terracotta Djenne kneeling statue - Mali.

This superb and highly characteristic kneeling Djenne statue measures 21 cm high.

This Djenne statue was collected in my private collection in 1992. 

Unfortunately, the head has been restored again, see the photos

Among the earliest known examples of art from sub-Saharan Africa are terracotta figures like this one from the inland delta of the Niger River, near the present-day home of the Dogon and Bamana peoples.

In this region of Mali, the ancient city of Jenne-jeno (“Old Jenne”) flourished as a center for agriculture, trade, and art from the middle of the first millennium until about 1600. The terracotta figures associated with this civilization represent men and women, singular and in pairs, in a variety of attire and poses, including sitting, kneeling, and on horseback. The diversity of imagery and the skill with which they were modeled reveal the rich sculptural heritage of a sophisticated urban culture.