230955 - Extremely Rare Old African Dogon Granny Door Lock - Mali.


Mali: Old African Dogon Granny Door lock.
Height: 46 cm.
This lock comes from my private collection.
I acquired the Dogon lock in 1974.
The lock has been used and dates from the early first half of the last century.
It is a very rare lock.
Dogon door locks are composed of two parts: one is a fixed vertical element which is most often carved with abstract, human or animal form fixed to the door with iron staples. The second part of the door lock is a horizontal wooden piece that slides through the vertical piece where iron teeth would fall into small holes locking the door. The doors had pointed corners that served as hinges and a sculpted wooden lock to keep it closed. A small key would lift the iron pegs to open the door. The sliding locking bar passed just behind the vertical part. The face on this door lock is carved in a Dogon style and recalls Dogon figures identified as representations of an ancestor, which presence is required to ensure protection and prevent the intrusion of bad spirits and sorcerers.