240672 - Old African mid 20th century Tutsi dance shield on stand - Ruanda.


This is fabulous authentic en original Wooden Tutsi dance shield dates to the mid 20th century.

This is a Tutsi dance Shield from Ruanda.

Dimensions: Length of the wooden dance shield is 41 with stand and 32 without stand.

This item is from the mid of the 20th century and purchased in my private collection in 2001, with a certificate of authenticity.A mid 20th century wooden dancing shield of the Tutsi, Rwanda, painted with earth pigments.
Wood, small, strongly convex in line of long axis. Painted red, white, black. Conical boss.
The bold geometric designs and contrasting colors are typical of the elliptical shields carried by the Tutsi. The shield would be an important element of the visually striking costumes worn by ntore dancers in ceremony (Benitez & Barbier, Shields: Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania).