240703 - Old African Kuba Ngeende Skirts - Tack long cloth, Congo.


Old African Kuba Ngeende Skirts - Tack long cloth, Congo. Size Total length 130 cm x 57 cm.
Visually dynamic and structured, this raffia rug features geometric patterns typical of Kuba textile art. Created by an artisan of the Kuba people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, this form of woven textile, called appliqué, Kuba artists use a stencil to cut decorative designs from brightly colored fabric and then sew or apply the designs to a canvas from someone else. colour.
A great opportunity to acquire a fine example of the rich Congolese culture.
Kuba skirts, Tcaka, long are cloths made from raffia, from 8 - 25 feet long, from the Ngeende, Bushoong and Ngongo peoples. They incorporate appliqued "patches", embroidered shapes and patterns, openwork, tie-dye, cowrie shells, barkcloth and border elements. The appliqued "patches" originally repaired holes, then developed into traditional design motifs. .Most are covered with geometric symbols; many are restrained, subtle and rhythmic designs using one technique; others create amazing quilt-like assemblages of old pieces of many forms. The full skirts, worn by men and women, are bunched up and wrapped around many times.
The cloth is not fragile and can be pinned onto a wall or panel for display. To eliminate wrinkles, the cloth can be misted with water, and then gently ironed on the back.