240757 - Nice African female Afo stool sculpture - Nigeria.


Old African female Afo stool sculpture, Nigeria.
Hand carved from a single piece of wood.
Size: 40 cm high.
A female Afo stool sculpture, Nigeria, sitting on a stool, her bust upright, arms raised up to hold the flat seated part of the stool, that is also resting on her head. Her conical breasts are pointed downwards, she has scarification marks on her face, breasts, and around her navel, of geometric patters. Her head is oval in shape, and is composed of a slightly opened mouth, a small nose that opens up into the eyebrows, beneath which are the half closed eyes, the ears are pierced, the hair is pulled upwards; glossy by use, some cracks on the seated part.

"Afo are found north of the Bene and Niger rivers and are related to Idoma. Their statues okeshi, reserved for members of the association Alana beehive, are associated with periodic fertility rituals."

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