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200311 - Large Authentic Tribal used Traditional Kebero church Drum - Ethiopia.


Large Tribal used Traditional coptic church Kebero Drum
Original and authentic Kebero. The size are 77 cm high and 60 cm in diameter.
A kebero is a double-headed, conical hand drum used in the traditional music of Ethiopia. A piece of animal hide is stretched over each end of the instrument, thus forming a membranophone. A large version of the kebero is also used in Ethiopian Orthodox Christian liturgical music, while smaller versions are used in secular celebrations. The Kebero is primarily used in weddings and other ceremonies. It was created in the Norther Highlands of Ethiopia. The instrument is made from the hollowed out section of a tree trunk and then hard particles are inserted into it. The shell is then covered with two cow leather membranes, so that one can be tuned higher than the other. A kebero is also used in a worship called wereb. It is mostly done in Ethiopia.

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