190532 - Rare antique memorial jar of the Dutch ambulance in Ethiopia


Extremly Rare antique memorial jar of the Dutch ambulance in Ethiopia.
Brown jug with arms and text in relief "Nederlandsche Roode Kruis Ambulance naar Ethiopië ..."
description Jug: Spherical body, arched ear. narrow short, ribbed neck opening.
On belly: small round stamps around large oval stamp in high relief with Red Cross and Aesculaap symbols. Two coats of arms with (standing and running) lion. Completely glazed.
In various stamps on belly: "Nederlandsche Roode Kruis Ambulance to Ethiopia under the direction of Dr. Ch.W.F. Winckel Arts 3 December 1935 of Rotterdam December 23 in Addis Ababa."; "Dr. Ch.W.F. Winckel physician Leiden"; "D.A. van Schelven surgeon"; "Dr. A.H.M. Colaco-Belmonte"; "G.M.H. Veenenklaas doctor v."; "W. Hagenstein nurse"; "Van Den Honing vp"; "C. Lampe doctor nurse"; "Jr. D.J.N. Van Der Does"; "J.J.W. De Vries Administrator".
Bottom engraved: signed from C.J. Lanooy.
potter: Chris Lanooy (Sint Annaland 1881 - Epe 1948) Dating 1935 and 23 cm high.
On 2 October 1935 Italy invaded Ethiopia. The jug was made to commemorate the broadcast of a Dutch Red Cross ambulance to Ethiopia on 3 December 1935.
Present in collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Netherlands.