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200514 - Tribal Used Extremly Rare African Ethiopian Dinka mask - Ethiopia


Antique Ethiopian Dinka mask with decorations.
This mask was know to be used near the begin of the 20th century. In a great tibal used condition.for codition and look at the photo's, showing a good patina from age and used.
Size are 22 cm high.

The Dinka mainly live on traditional agriculture and pastoralism, relying on cattle husbandry as a cultural pride, not for commercial profit or for meat, but cultural demonstrations, rituals, marriages ' dowries and milk festidings for all ages. The Dinka cultivate food crops and cash crops. The food crops are grains, mainly sorghum and millet. The cash crops include groundnuts, sesame and gum-Arabic. Cattle are confined to riversides, the Sudd and grass areas during the dry season, but are taken to high regained in order to avoid floods and water during the rainy season. The Dinka lives in south Sudan and west/North Ethiopia.