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200632 - Rare Tribal used African Bambara Boli Fetish Zoomorph statue - Mali.


Rare Tribal used African Bambara Boli Fetish Zoomorphe statue
Size are 29 cm x 25 cm.
The boli captures, to accumulate and control of vital energy, nyama, so natural and spiritual strength. The most sacred of Bamana populations (Mali) object, it is kept in a sanctuary, away from the eyes of the uninitiated.
It is, strictly speaking, under sculpture assembly because the object is made, according to a symbolic and a very complex ritual, an amalgam of various fragments: wood, bark, leaves, earth, leather son of cotton, bone, hair, claws, fangs, blood, and other body parts of animals. So that the true condensed mineral, animal and vegetable forces act, we must flatter active words, maintain by subtle sprinklings and feed by bloody sacrifices.