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200926 - Old Wooden Bambara Puppet Korèdugaw Horse Sculpture - Mali.


Old Hand Crafted Wooden Puppet Korèdugaw Horse Sculpture by the Bambara Tribe of West Africa!
Hand carved from wood, carved decoration with horns.
This horse is 80 cm high.

This beautiful and unusual looking horse sculpture was skillfully hand carved from wood, and intricately detailed with hand hammered brass mask and fittings. The mane and tail were threaded with actual horse hair for added effect, and a “saddle” was carved into the back. There is a large hole in which rope would be pushed through in order to carry and manipulate the horse.

These horse were used by the Koredugaw of Mali; often referred to as “Ritual buffoons”. The Koredugaw would dress in comical costumes and commonly perform and interrupt celebrations to the amusement of all. Their history stretches back to ancient times of the nations, to the era of the Bambara kingdom of Segou, when their main mission was to avert wars between rival chiefs.Above their entertaining, they fill a genuine role in their society, as they promote education and reconciliation, and thus strengthen social cohesion. The wear of the horse gives it a fantastic character, and suggests that it was a very used piece in the rituals and performances of the Koredugaw.