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200940 - Rare Tribal Used African Ethiopian Amhara shield - Ethiopia


Rare Tribal used Old Ethiopian Warrior shield with decorations. 

The Amhara peoples used these shields for battle and as prestige items to show rank and importance. The embossed metal decorations have a plating of what looks to be gold. The base material of this shield is forged steel and not leather. This style was know to be used near the end of the 19th century.  for codition off this used warrior shield look at the photo's, showing a good patina from age and used.   

Diameter: 49 cm and in a great condition.

See a similar example in the Musee Dapper's CHASSEURS ET GUERRIERS; AFRICA: The Art of a Continent, edited by Tom Phillips, (See p. 126 in the above-referenced volume and also, p. 69 in African Shields by Dieter Plaschke and Manfred A. Zirngibl,) see also Marc Ginzberg. AFRICAN FORMS, pp. 168, 171