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200963 - Old & Tribal used African Dogon Door - Mali.


Mali: Rare and old mid. 20th century Tribal used African Dogon Door.

Height: 46 cm x  37 cm.

The designs on the front of the small door are raised geometric shapes, human figures, a square locking mechanism, and tribal symbols. 

The folding door is of the African Dogon people of Mali.
The Dogon people are best known for their religious tradition, their mask dances, wooden sculptures and their architecture, the most striking of which are the carved doors which portray ancestral figures to protect the people of the village and their families. The representational carvings of ancestors serve to keep spirits at bay and offer protection from worldly and unworldly sources. The doors protected the window-like opening into each family's grain storage building and used a single sliding door lock - usually.