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201003 - Extremly Rare Tribal used tropical antilope skin helmet - Ethiopia.


Ethiopian tropical helmet used in or before the 1st Ethiopian war with the Italians in the late 19th century, more than 125 years old

This helmet was copied from an Italian soldier by an Ethiopian soldier. The helmet is made of antelope skin and leather.

size are 28 cm high and Very rare and handmade.

The First Italo–Ethiopian War was fought between Italy and Ethiopia in 1895-1896. Ethiopia's military victory over Italy secured it the distinction of being the only African nation to resist European colonialism with a decisive show of force. The ancient land of Ethiopia became the only African territory to avoid absorption into a European colonial empire during the nineteenth century, although areas of what became Eritrea and of Somalia where at times Ethiopia had ruled did fall to Italy, becoming Italian East Africa. After 1935, following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, which Italy won, Ethiopia was added to Italian West Africa until liberated by Allied troops during World War II. This, though, was regarded as an illegal occupation and never had the same legal status as did the colonies of other European powers.