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210258 - Rare Antique Ethiopian Harari Woven Grass Basket - Ethiopia.


Antique Ethiopian Harari Woven Grass Basket Leather Trim Cowrie Shell 34 cm  and this basket comes from the early 20th century.

Old early antique Ethiopian Harari Basket, an original high art form from the African city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia. This Harari basket is huge at 34 cm diameter, a shallow bowl form with footed base.

Coil built of reeds and woven natural dyed grasses as the design. Vivid decorative geometric pattern in red, black, and sienna.

Leather bound foot and rim with space for four straps decorated with three applied cowrie shells each.  All of the cowrie shells are still in place.

Shows some wear in leather trimmed areas. No holes or tears in the basket.2