210436 - African Ngaady A Waash Bushoong Kuba panel - Congo.


African Ngaady A Waash Bushoong from the Kuba, Congo.

Size: 35 cm x 27 cm.

Very beautiful Ngaady A Waash Bushoong panel from the KUBA people of DR Congo. The panel represents the first KUBA wife of the king. It represents the ideal of beauty. 
The wooden mask attached to the panel is richly decorated with the following materials: beads, cauri shells, pigments and fabric. Good condition with traces of tribal use..

The vast Kuba territory, comprising the entire southeastern part of the DRC, as far as Tanganyika and Lake Mweru, is uniform as regards language and culture, but racially mixed. Although the history of the Kuba people is one of violence and warfare, their artistic style is characterized by harmonious integration of organically related forms. The splendid artistic achievements of the Kuba are due to a felicitous intermingling of different racial and cultural elements, and to the high standards prevailing at the court. Kuba arts counts amongst the finest that Africa has to offer. Artists occupied a privileged place in the hierarchy. The Kuba artist carried a ceremonial ax on his shoulder, an emblem of prestige and of dignity of his position. Some apprentices would be recruited from among the deformed, who could neither hunt nor be warriors and who were believed to have a close connection.