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210506 - Tribal used African Ethiopian Gurage Headrest with icon - Ethiopia


Nice well-Tribal-used headrest of the Gurage-region with door and icon

Size headrest; 14.5 cm high and wide; 13.5 cm wide.
This headrest are stained with grease, due to long usage.
Typical Gurage designs.

Typical Ethiopian Headrest made of wood with beautiful dark and brwon patina showing the traces of extensive usage.Headrests of this kind are among the most popular productions of the Gurage and other nomad peoples of Ethiopia. In these cultures men carry their headrests everywhere they go. They are used as pillows, neck rests, and to protect elaborate ceremonial hairstyle. Headrests are also used to identify the owner social rank.

Their headrests are very close to these found among the Karamajong and Turkana people of Kenya and Tanzania (see AFRICAN FORMS, p.34).For similar example see SLEEPING BEAUTIES, fig. 9