210710 - Tribal used African Yombe Nganga* Diphomba mask - Congo.


Antique Tribal used African Yombe Nganga* Diphomba mask, Congo.

Hand carved from a single piece of wood. For condition see the photo's.

Height: 35 cm.

This mask was collected between 1930 and 1954 and ended up in my private collection in 1998.

Very expressive mask, realistic, almond-shaped eyes, half-open mouth with visible cutting teeth

These white masks were worn by the Nganga *, they represent the spirits of the deceased ancestors

The Yombe are a people of Central Africa residing in Mayombe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But there is also Yombe in the southwest of the Republic of the Congo and in Cabinda (Angola). (Bakongo)
* The Nganga is a "magician, a traditional, spiritual healer, a sorcerer"


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