210602 - Ethiopian handwritten closed coptic kitab or bible scroll - Ethiopia


Ethiopia old Ethiopian coptic Ge’ez manuscript kitab or bible scroll

This Coptic manuscript scroll are made in begin 19th century.

The sizes of this piece are 7.5 cm long and diameter are 3 cm leather kitab.

This is an antique Ethiopian Christian prayer manuscript or scroll, which has been encased in a leather talisman kitabe amulet for the purpose of everyday wearable protection, healing and blessings. Each protective amulet was made specifically for an individual for a focused reason.

Usually the writing on the scroll is in hand made black and red paint or ink and is written in Ethiopic Ge'ez a language no longer used except for religious purposes.

The scrolls or kitabs were inscribed by religious scribes, debtera (un-ordained clerics) or priests and contain Christian oriented prayers and / or stories or pertinent text from Ethiopian Christian Manuscripts / Bibles sometimes handpainted pictures are added and almost always the baptismal name of the person the scroll is being made for and then the leather case is made normally from brown or red tanned leather and the person would simply wear the amulet.

Very sturdy and in great although slightly worn condition from a lifetime of wear by the previous owner. This specimen would be an excellent addition to any Ethiopian collection or would be a very intriguing pendant for a necklace.