210942- Tribal used African mask from the Lengola - Congo.


Congo: Tribal used African mask from the Lengola people.
This type of mask is used in context of initiation.
Hand carved from a single piece of colorful painted wood.
Size; 50 cm included raffia and 20 cm only the wooden mask.

The Lengola people can be situated in northeastern part of the DR Congo. There is a close connection between the Lengola and the Warega (or Lega) tribe, which, among other things, lead to an exchange of sculptural aesthetics. This mask is a beautiful execution with great patina, both outside as inside. The rather small mask thanks its elegance to its spearhead-like shape in addition to its refined slit eyes, mouth and linear nose.
By their social organization and their productions, the Lengola are quite close to the Metoko and the Kumu, also the Mbole and the Yela, and it is not always easy to distinguish their achievements3. Other stylistic similarities suggest the influence of the Lega, their neighbors to the east.

The Lengola notably sculpt large articulated wooden statues which are used during the initiation ceremonies of the kota4 society.