211042 - Large Old Ethiopian Coptic Altar with handpainted icons - Ethiopia.


Large Ethiopia Coptic Altar with handpainted icons from the orthodox coptic Church.

High: 48 cm

This Altar was collected between 1940 and 1950 and ended up in my private collection in 2002.

The richly hued biblical paintings of Ethiopian Icons altars primarily illustrate scenes from the old testament. Until the middle of the 20th century, the paintings of Christian Ethiopia remained virtually unknown outside its borders. Yet over of last centurys, Ethiopian artists have produced a vast quantity of unique and creative icons, illuminated manuscripts and wall paintings in churches. By virtue of its geographical position, Ethiopian paintings belong to Africa, however, due to close contacts with the adjacent areas, their art incorporates elements of the Eastern and Western Christian artistic tradition, as well as those of Coptic and Islamic cultures and the cultures of the people of the Indian Ocean area. Ethiopian artists succeeded in embracing and transforming significant elements of these traditions, while their paintings remained a unique phenomenon deeply rooted in the African soil.