211213 - Tribal used African Goli kplekple mask - Iv. Coast.


Iv. Coast: African Goli mask.

Height: 51 cm.

A beautiful and unique handcrafted Goli mask that originates from the Akan people from Ghana and the Ivory Coast who are known as The Baule .The Baule tribal people migrated westwards from Ghana three centuries ago as the Ashanti rose to power.

This mask is representative of a second group of Baule masks, this kplekple mask is one of the great abstractions in African art. The face of this Baule Goli mask is flat, the eyes have and oval shape and the mouth is rectangular, the mask also have two horns from the top of the head that represent power and strength. The round head is said to stand for the sun, and the horns for the buffalo. The most popular Goli is used as a symbol of fertility during agricultural and commemorative ceremonies.

The goli is also paraded during the occasions of a new harvest, the visit of dignitaries, or at the funerals of notables. This is a unique mask that is steeped in tradition, The unusual shape has made this mask one very sort after African mask for collectors All sizes listed are approximate.

The mask you purchase and receive may differ just slightly in size, look, and/or color from the mask shown in the picture because each mask is hand carved and hand painted by individual artists. No two masks are exactly the same.