220604 - Antique Ethiopian handwritten Coptic manuscript 18th Cent. - Ethiopia


Large ANTIQUE Ethiopian Coptic Ge’ez manuscript or bible from begin 18th century and with 6 handpainted icons.

Size are 20 cm x 19 cm x 7cm when the manuscript is closed.

This antique manuscript was collected between 1930 and 1940 and ended up in my private collection in 2006.

This manuscript has 326 pages and weight about 2 kilo.

Large and voluminous religious Coptic manuscript from Ethiopia. An Ethiopian/Coptic Bible handwritten on parchment, with wooden cover front and back. With six beautiful hand-painted full-page illustrations/religious scenes in the typical style of this type of book. Handwritten text (in black and red letters) on both sides. Some pages with pen scribbles. Sturdy blades of different thickness.The condition of the book is good for its age, i.e. some pages have damage such as discolouration, holes, tears and folds. Of the 6 pages with handpainted icons, 5 are in good condition, the last illustration is in moderate condition, but still clearly visible. All sections are still firmly in the binding.

More then 326 handwritten pages, each page written by hand in Ge'ez (Ethiopic), a language that is no longer used today except by the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church for religious purposes.- using red and black ink - the red ink is used for religious saints or names of holy figures.A good example in age appropriate condition. Parchment leaves  with black and red in the Ethiopian script on both sides of the leaves. Probably in ‘Geez’, the language of the Ethiopian Church.