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Our Africa-gallery specialized in Ethiopian tribal art, collected and sell tribal used art from all over Africa and special from Ethiopia.

Our Gallery have a collection of authentic, original and traditional art from Africa. This collection including masks, statues, pottery, musical instruments, manuscripts, headrests and other antique, primitive art and various unusual items.

I hardly ever buy direct from Africa. All my items that I sell are old and (tribal) used. My objects come from European and American private collections, auction houses, fellow dealers and other collectors from around the world.

This site gives you an impression of our stock and activities. Authentic, museum quality African tribal art at wholesale prices

We strive to provide deeper public appreciation for high quality African art and to make it accessible to all collectors.

High quality masks, carvings, statues, fetishes, animal figures, ritual objects and bronzes displayed here will add beauty to any home and value to any collection.

In addition, an ever-growing demand for rapidly disappearing original African tribal art makes it a sound investment.

As long-time experienced collectors, we carefully select and authenticate every artifact. Shown here are original, high quality, hand-crafted pieces made of wood or bronze which can be yours at a fraction of gallery prices! Years of traditional use added distinction to many of them.

We guarantee the authenticity of every item and your complete satisfaction. We make every effort to research and document the history of each artifact.

In our gallery you will find a nice selection of our stock. If you find something that is not on the site, let us know. We always have a large stock of items that are not on our site.

Please let us know if you do not see items you want. We may be able to find them for you.

For questions, comments or information, please e-mail to: info@africa-gallery.nl or used our contact page.

You can also call us: +31(0) 6-18478026 (in the Netherlands)

Thank you for visiting our site!

Kind Regards,

Gijs van Kuijk