230801 - Old African Koma Su Dan Mask - Yv. Coast.


Old African Koma Su mask from the Dan, Iv. Coast.

Size; 43 cm high and 42 wide.

Hand carved from a single piece of wood and other material with color pigments and collected in the mid of the 20th century and with Certificate of Authenticity.

This type of mask belongs to the Koma family whose function is to detect or eliminate any form of witchcraft: the Koma Ba (female mask) attracts harmful beings, the Koma Su (male mask) destroys them. The hairstyle of this mask would suggest that it is feminine. When a Koma Ba mask has a crusty patina (which is not the case here) it is because it has received offerings.

The mask is supposed to contain magical substances that protect its wearer who, let us remember, must call upon him the forces and evil beings.

Condition: perfect, no signs of wear or damage.