231217 - Little Rare Old handmade African Lega pair of protection figures Congo


Extremely rare - Pair of little protection figures hand carved in wood - Lega people - Congo.
Dimensions: 10 cm high.
The "Maginga" statuettes of the Lega, made of wood, play an important role within the complex mystical and magical world that characterizes the Bwami society of the Congo
The Lega people (or Warega) are a Bantu ethnic group of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1998 their population was about 250,000.
By the 1970s Lega people were mostly living in the middle and upper Elila valley and the upper Ulindi River valley. These rivers both rise in the east of South Kivu and flow in a northwesterly direction through Maniema, joining the Lualaba downstream from Kindu. The upper Ulindi valley has a richly diverse fauna, including many monkey species, chimpanzees, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and antelopes. The valley is administratively divided into the Mwenga and Shabunda territories of South Kivu Province and the Pangi Territory of Maniema Province.