231251 - Old African Bambara mask - Mali.


Mali: Rare African Bambara mask.

This type of masks is used in initiation ceremonies.

Hand carved from a single piece of wood and metall.

Height: 44 cm.

The Bambara masks of Mali are artistic masterpieces that express the rich culture and deep spirituality of the Bambara people, also known as Bamana. These masks, formed with great precision and creativity, play a central role in the rituals and ceremonies of this society.

Bambara masks are characterized by their variety of styles and shapes. They are carved from hardwoods, such as ironwood, and are often decorated with materials such as natural pigments, textiles, feathers and shells. Each mask is unique and reflects the artistic vision of its creator.

These masks are used in various ceremonies and rituals, including initiations, funerals, agricultural festivities and community celebrations. They are generally associated with gods or respected ancestors and play a role in communication between the human and spiritual worlds.

The wearer of the mask, often an initiated dancer, embodies the entity represented by the mask and performs specific dances to tell stories, teach moral lessons, or commemorate historical events.

In addition to their ritual significance, Bambara masks are also sought-after works of art by collectors around the world. Their complex aesthetic and cultural symbolism makes them valuable objects sometimes displayed in museums and art galleries.

In summary, the Bambara masks from Mali are remarkable expressions of the artistic creativity and spirituality of Bambara society. They continue to inspire admiration and study as living witnesses to a deep-rooted cultural and artistic tradition.