240130 - Very Large Old Rare African Suku helmet mask - Congo.


Old Suku Makunda initiation mask, weathered, good wear patina inside.
Dimensions: 70 cm with beard raffia and 38 cm only the wood part and collected in the mid of the 20th century and with Certificate of Authenticity.

Of classical form, the mask with whited face, and large eyes with heavy lids, the cheeks with remains of blue pigment in linear patterns, the mouth open displaying teeth. Atop the head the remains of a figure.
This Suku helmet mask has quite a striking appearance. The closed eyes give the mask an introverted aura, while the lips are pursed, as if making a sound or singing. The top of the head is decorated with carvings and of course the most striking attribute of the mask is the copious raphia beard. A beautiful piece.
Tag to inside that reads: Basuku Congo initiation mask of Willett N˚ 140
Provenance: Ex Willett, N˚ 140 & the late Dr James Bynon, from the estate of Dr James Bynon (former lecturer in Berber at the School of Oriental and African Studies- SOAS, University of London).(Morphologies of Asia and Africa)