240121 - African Kuba Ntchak Dress - 308 cm long cloth - Congo.


Old African Kuba Ntchak Skirts - Tack long cloth, Congo. Size Total length 308 cm x 55 cm.
These rugs were used as wrap skirts by the Kuba tribe in Congo; as a prestige object and as the most important part of the dowry. Ntchaks are made from raffia from the raffia palm tree, a tough and difficult to work material that is first kept wet for weeks and kneaded to make the threads flexible. This lengthy process as well as the weaving was done by the men - the embroidery and other embellishment by the women. Manufacturing a Ntchak of this size could take months.acquired in Mweka town.
Literature: Art Royal Kuba - Joseph Cornet .f.s.c.