240303 - Two Old islamic / Koran wooden school boards from Harar - Ethiopia.


Two Old islamic - Koran wooden school boards from Harar in Ethiopia.Size are; 32 cm x 12 cm, the largest one.
Harar is the capital city of the Harari Region in Ethiopia. The ancient city is located on a hilltop in the eastern part of the country and is about five hundred kilometers from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa at an elevation of 1,885 metres
When Harar was founded is unclear and various dates have been suggested, some state the early Semitic settlers of the region were believed to be of Hadhrami stock.
In any case, the modern city of Harar mostly dates back to the 1700s at the earliest, but the site itself has been the site of a city for much longer.
It is likely the original inhabitants of the region are the Harla people. Harar was part of the Harla Kingdom's domain in the sixth century.In the Islamic period, the city was under an alliance called the confederated states of Zeila.According to the twelfth-century Jewish traveler Benjamin of Tudela, the Zeila was the land of the Havilah, confined by al-Habash in the west.
In the ninth century, Harar was under the Maḥzūmī dynasty's Sultanate of Shewa.
Islam had gained a foothold on the Harar plateau by the 10th-11th centuries CE via trade with Zeila. By the 13th century Islam had become the predominant religion in the region.