240420 - Antique and Large 19th cent. African Kirdi shield - Cameroon


This is fabulous authentic en original and Large African Kirdi shield dates to the late 19th century.

with a certificate of authenticity.

This is a Kirdi Shield from the North of Cameroon.
This Large Authentic Kirdi shield is covered with wild animal hide.
Dimensions: Length of the leather section of the shield is 108 cm and the width at the widest point is 77 cm.
This is a very Old Embossed Leather Shield from the Kirdi People of Cameroon. "The name Kirdi, meaning "infidels", was given to the groups of peoples in Cameroon by the Muslims who drove them into their hilltop refuges from the plains below. They were ancestor worshipers and animists. This old Kirdi Leather shield is a wonder and was Collected in the field. This fabulous old and rare Kirdi Shield would be a wonderful addition to your collection.