240615 - Antique and Rare 19th century African Turkana shield - Kenia.


This is fabulous authentic en original African shield dates to the late 19th century / early 20th century.
This is a rectangular Warrior Shield from the Turkana Lake area of Kenya, Africa.
This very rare Africa shield is covered with a thick leather - please ask for more details on this.
This one is in just excellent condition and is of museum quality.
Dimensions: Length of the leather section of the shield is 94 cm and the width at the widest point is 28 cm.
This Turkana shield is from the end of the 19th century and purchased in my private collection in 1998, with a certificate of authenticity.
Traditionally, the Turkana used long & narrow rectangular shields made from animal hide.
Later, the leather shields were replaced with lighter metal shields that offered better protection in combat.
The Kenyan game and hunting authorities have introduced strict fines and imprisonment for the illegal killing of animals. This, along with the ban on inter-clan warfare, has virtually stopped the making of these type of shields in the area - making this shield very collectable.
This shield is in original touched condition - with an excellent patina of age.
The handle of on the back is made of wood and held on with plaited hide and is highly decorative.