240730 - Large Old Yoruba Efe-Gelede festival piece - Nigeria.


Large Old Yoruba Efe-Gelede festival piece - Nigeria.
Carved from a single piece of wood, with color pigments.
Size: 55 cm wide x 56 cm high.
This is an altar piece that was used during the Efe-Gelede festival in the mid-20th century.

While the helmet masks take place as part of the Efe-Gelede festival, which aims to pay tribute to the mystical power of women, the face masks – infinitely rarer – are linked, in the Yoruba country, and more specifically in the rich. of Oyo, at the Odun Egungun festival, dedicated to the ancestors.Articulated masks of the Yoruba in Nigeria are works of art and ritual performances intended to honor women in Yoruba society. These masks are used in Gelede ceremonies, important cultural rituals in the Yoruba region.Articulated masks are designed to depict various characters, including older women, young girls, ghosts, animals and mythological figures. They are often made of wood and decorated with bright colors, geometric patterns and fabrics. Each mask has a symbolic meaning and is worn by dancers who embody these characters during Gelede ceremonies.Gelede ceremonies are a way to celebrate women and their essential role in Yoruba society. They also serve to regulate social behavior and promote respect and cooperation within the community. Articulated performances include dancing, singing and storytelling, creating a live spectacle that entertains, educates and conveys cultural values.These masks and Gelede ceremonies have great cultural significance in Yoruba society. They help strengthen the bond between generations, preserve traditions and celebrate Yoruba artistic creativity. Furthermore, Gelede masks are recognized for their artistic significance and are displayed in museums around the world as a testament to the richness of Yoruba culture.In summary, Gelede Yoruba masks from Nigeria are artistic and cultural expressions that celebrate women and the values of Yoruba society. They are used in ceremonies in Gelede to honor, educate and entertain, while embodying the creativity and spirituality of these people.