240753 - Nice Old & Rare African Mbala statue - Congo.


Antique & Rare Finely crafted African figure from the Mbala, Congo.
This type of figure has protecting function.
Hand carved from a single piece of wood.
Height: 40 cm.
This Mbala sculpture dates from the mid of the 20th century and was purchased in my private collection in 2023, with a certificate of authenticity.
This figure is from the Mbala tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is carved from hard heavy wood and decorated with metal rings and color.The object has a nice patina.
African art. Democratic Republic of Congo, Mbala. Male sculpture. Visible defects and signs of use. The elaborately braided hairstyle is typical of the Mbala sculpture. The precise carving of the face and the correct proportions of the essential shapes of the body of this beautiful statue of a male figure testify to the mastery achieved by the artists of this ethnic group that inhabits the heart of black Africa.