200246 - Antique very Rare 17th cent. wooden handpainted coptic icon - Ethiopia.


Antique and Extremly Rare Ethiopia Coptic handpainted 17th century icon from the orthodox coptic Church in Ethiopia.
This is wooden handpainted ico. a very old condition with two of the leather "hinges" broken. Minor areas of gesso loss. Please view all pictures for detailsd.

This very interesting hand painted Ethiopian triptych. Made of three panels of wood the two side wings depict angels focusing on the center panel which depicts the Christ child on the lap of Mary. Made in a folksy way with raised gesso details wood panels appear very old, 17th century or maybe begin 18th century. Two panels are held together with leather squares. Please see all pictures for details.
High: 31 cm x 28 cm including with the list.
Size 16 cm x 13 cm, only the 300 - 400 years old icon