181108 - Tribal used Old African couple Ambete statues - Congo.


Tribal used Old african couple Statues from the Ambete, Congo.
Hand carved from a single piece of wood.
Masculine figurine :
Sexual indication : the little black cone.
Materials : wood + raffia.
Dimensions : 50 cm.

Feminine figurine :
Sexual indication : 2 black dots in relief to indicate the breasts.
Materials : wood + raffia.
Dimensions : 48 cm.
Weight : 1 411 grams.
The feminine sculpture has an ancient repair, because it may have been fissured in the past.
It may crack again and should be handled with caution.
The Ambete (Mbete in the singular) form an ethnic group located between Gabon and the Republic of Congo.
Unlike figurine of other ethnic groups, the genitals are very little indicated for the Ambete.
White and black figurines with raffia wraparound skirts and a cavity hollowed in the back.