200368 - Ethiopian Painting from a Surma boy - artist Nur Ilham - Ethopia.



Ethiopian Surma boy
No frame: 17 cm x 12 cm. With pass. 26 cm x 21 cm.

The painter's name are: Nur Ilham - Ethiopia.

Paintings by Nur Ilham are very innovative and of very high quality. His paintings are distinguished by his detailed painting technique, which makes his paintings and watercolours very realistic, they have the appearance of a photograph. He is specialised in painting bird species and portraits including the collection “People of the forest”, “Owls” “Birds of prey” and “Geisha”. The series “People of the forest” includes natural peoples from Africa, the Amazon region and Papua New Guinea. His work appeals to the imagination and are real eye-catchers. This is a beautiful watercolour portrait of a Surma Boy(Ethiopia, Africa).
His work reflects the beauty and art of nature and has been shown in various national and international art exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sidney, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Scandinavian countries.