200818 - Old tribal used African Bugle Dan mask - Iv. Coast.


Old tribal used Bugle We - Guere face mask from Iv Coast.

Height; 39 cm.

Hand carved from a single piece of wood and other material with color pigments.


Dan Bugle mask from the Binhouin region of Ivory Coast, age related discrepancies to the mask, encrusted patina on the face and a small piece broken / eroded to the rear where the holes are where an adornment would have been tied on originally for ceremony. Please see photos provided for full description of this..

Bu gle and Dean gle masks

Gle can be divided into two categories: that of dean gle, which is a gentle, peaceful gle without a gender, but whose qualities are thought of as feminine and that of bu gle, which is the war gle named after the sound of a gunshot, whose qualities are thought of as masculine.

Bugle masks are designed to frighten. Their eyes are depicted as protruding tubes and the surface of the face has boldly projecting angles. The most powerful bugle masks are decorated with animal and human deposits such a bone and fur.

The dean gle mask represents an idealized version of Dan beauty. It is characterized by narrow eyes, an oval shape, a smooth forehead, and a mouth slightly open to expose teeth. Dean gle's functions are to teach, entertain and nurture.