200946 - Antique Tribal used African Yombe statue - Congo.


Antique Tribal used Finely crafted african figure from the Yombe, Congo.

This type of figure has protecting function.

Hand carved from a single piece of wood, 

Height: 48 cm.

This sculpture is from the first half of the 20th century and purchased in my private collection in 2007, with a certificate of authenticity.

This big Mother and Child figure is from the Yombe tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.It is carved from hard heavy wood and decorated with metal rings and color. Eyes are made from glass.The object has a nice patina.
Mother and Child figures of the Yombe are one of the most recognizable carvings found in African art.These figurines were mainly constructed by women trying to evoke spirits of fertility in hopes of giving birth,or to keep an young infant healthy. These figures were usually displayed in shrines to evoke the spirits.
Ex Private Collection Netherlands