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201032 - Antique Tribal Used African Ethiopian Amhara leather shield - Ethiopia


Antique Ethiopian Warrior shield with decorations. 

A beautiful Ethiopian Amhara shield with leather decorations.
The Amhara peoples used these shields for battle and as prestige items to show rank and importance.
Overall fine condition, showing a good patina from age and use.

Size: 35 cm. diameter and begin 20th century.

  for codition off this used warrior shield look at the photo's, showing a good patina from age and used.   

See a similar example in the Musee Dapper's CHASSEURS ET GUERRIERS; AFRICA: The Art of a Continent, edited by Tom Phillips, (See p. 126 in the above-referenced volume and also, p. 69 in African Shields by Dieter Plaschke and Manfred A. Zirngibl,) see also Marc Ginzberg. AFRICAN FORMS, pp. 168, 171