201035 - Antique & Extremly Rare Falasha male and female from Tigrinya Ethiopia


Antique & Extremly Rare Falasha male and female  statues from stone - Tigrinya - Ethiopia

Hand carved from stone, with color pigments.

Size: Female 30 and Male 31 cm and very heavy, together they weigh more than 3 kilos. The womans head are broken in the past and repaird.

Normally these Falasha figures are made of clay / terracotta. This couple is made of stone and very rare. They were taken near Gondar and are a Tigreen couple.

This pair was bought in Gondar in the 1940s and was made in the early 20th century.

This unusual, very attractive sculpture was created by Ethiopian Black Jews (believed to be the Lost Tribe of Israel), who called themselves Beta Israel, and who were widely known as Falasha to other Ethiopians.