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201223 - 2 Antique Ethiopian handpainted & -written coptic icon leaves - Ethiopia


Two Ethiopia Very old Ethiopian coptic Ge’ez manuscript leaves.

This Coptic leaves are painted en written in the 18th century.

Size are 18 cm x 16 cm each.

Each page are handpainted and handwritten on the backside by hand in Ge'ez on vellum using red and black ink. Vellum is fine parchment from a calf or goat skin - the red ink is used for religious saints or names of holy figures - see photographs for condition. Good condition for age. A good example in age appropriate condition. Please refer to the photos as they form an integral part of the description.

Parchment leaves (animal skin) inscribed with black and red in the Ethiopian script on the back side of the leaves. Probably in ‘Geez’, the language of the Ethiopian Church. Overall, all parts of the leaves reveal an impressive old quality and usage with a beautiful patina. This two leaves are from the the early 1800’s, and is museum quality and a rare one of a kind item that would complement your collection or home.

Early 18th-Century. 

Museum Quality,