221106 - 3 Old Traditional Authentic Ethiopian spear heads. - Ethiopia.


3 Old Traditional Authentic Ethiopian spear heads. - Ethiopia.
size: 32 cm and 31 cm and 20 cm long.
African Bident Spearhead from Ethiopia

Bident spears from Africa, usually contain much symbolic value Notice the spearhead with the unusual Bident configuration, with paired willow-leaf shaped points diverging from a shared base. Other than that, it shares many characteristics with the more conventional spear. Both spears are decorated with a checkerboard design of alternating sections of bare metal possibly ricasso. This point has the same long socket and willow-leaf shaped blades, in this case.

The twin blades have strong midribs with concave areas left coated with dark-colored oxide.The shape is trim and elegant. Although the points are needle-sharp, the edges are blunted. Would have been used with a 6-7' hardwood or possibly bamboo shaft. One could pair this with a cane shaft in the near future. Another interesting feature shared by both spears is a neat "hem" of sorts at the base of the ferrule. Instead of ending in a ragged or chisel-cut edge, the material is turned on itself.