230232 - Extremely Rare & Large Old African Bariba or Yoruba Terracotta Pot - certificate - Benin or Nigeria.


Extremely Rare Old African Bariba or Yoruba Terracotta Pot - Benin

Height 30 cm and 26 cm wide.

It was collected in 1932, the vase itself is probably older and purchased in my private collection in 1998, with a certificate of authenticity.

Bariba / Yoruba terra cotta vase decorated in relief with lizards and other animals. The vase is richly decorated with figures. The vase has a beautiful patina. Small chips develop during use.

This vase comes from a Belgian collection and is very rare. 

It was collected in 1948, the vase itself is probably older.

This piece of a pottery vessel, embellished with high relief figures, was made by women of the ethnic group of the Bariba (or Baatonu) in the northern provinces of Benin. The Bariba potters passed their trade from mother to daughter. They didn’t make their vessels on a pottery wheel but kneaded them by hand. The raw material they used was river clay. Various pieces of pottery were used in ceremonies by spirit mediums. The disc shape mouth of the pot was used as a fire basin. The light was produced with the help of balls of cotton or wool, soaked in shea butter and lit with fire. Yoruba influence is reflected in the figural pottery of the Bariba.

Just your attention: I reserve the right to ship this item individually, because it is a very fragile item.