230249 - Extremely Rare, Heavy & Large Terracotta Tikar Warrior - Cameroon.


Extremely Rare, Heavy & Large Terracotta Tikar Warrior - Cameroon.

Height: 59 cm and almost 10 kilo.

This Terracotta Tikar Warrior is from the first half of the 20th century and purchased in my private collection in 2013, with a certificate of authenticity.

“Great condition with some repaired fractures - see the photo's”

This Terracotta warrior was collected between 1950 and 1960 and ended up in my private collection in 2016. 

The terracotta sculpturen of the Tikar people of Cameroon represent the spirits of the pygmies, who the Tikar believe were the first inhabitants of the world.

The Tikar occupy the grasslands of southern Cameroon and are agriculturalists – they grow crops such as bananas, plantains and cassava and own herds of cattle and goats. The vast grasslands adjoin the dense tropical rainforests of West Africa which the Tikar regard as a hostile and dangerous environment. The pygmies who live in the forest were once regarded as almost magical creatures to the Tikar, who marvelled at their ability to survive in the impenetrable jungle.

The Tikar have a rich artistic history and produce some of the most beautiful and varied masks, carvings, terracotta's and bronze figures in Africa. Drawing on their mystical regard for the pygmies, the Tikar produce clay figures known as House Gods which they believe offer protection, fertility and good luck. Their assistance is particularly sought during times of healing. They come in variety of forms: standing, sitting, kneeling, sometimes with holes in the back for offerings. The characteristic bulbous cheeks and full bellies are an indication of a plentiful supply of food – a metaphor for abundance, wealth and good fortune.

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